I have switched my laptop from debian Linux to arch linux. I did the switch, not that because, I'm unhappy with debian. I still and will continue to use debian on my servers. I did it because I wanted to learn new stuff.

On my debian installation, I used to use tinyca2 to manage my ssl certs. When I tried to install tinyca2 on arch, the aur package failed to install (primary site seems to be dead, and there were some bugs).

So, using the work done by Marti Raudsepp (the maintainer of tinyca2's Aur package), I have updated the pkgbuild and uploaded it to aur and github. I, also, forked the source on github. The new pkgbuild includes patches from debian, which were cleaned up to be applicable on the raw source and will use the fork on github as the source for tinyca2 (as the primary site seems dead).

Feel free to get the package either from Aur or github and send to your comments.