I use moinmoin for my main web site since 2007 and moved my blog engine to pyblosxom (the old one was powered by wordpress) since april 2011. While moving to pyblosxom I wrote an entry parser in order to write my posts using moinmoin wiki syntax.

As one can notice, most of my posts use http://www.wikipedia.org as reference. By the time, linking to wikipedia notices' become quite painfull. In fact, I had type the full URL to the wikipedia notice. So I decided to write a simple macro LinkToWiki to ease the linking procedure to wikipedia notices' either on by blog or my web site.

To use this macro, just drop it in the macro folder of moinmoin and use <<LinkToWiki(notice,label,lang)>> to create links...

For example, <<LinkToWiki(wikipedia,Wikipedia,en)>> creates the link http://en.wikiepdia.org/wikipedia which is displayed as Wikipedia.

Moreover, the macro is quite flexible. In fact, it can be customized using:

  • notice: wikipedia notice. It is mandatory.
  • label: is the name of the link. It's also displayed when the cursor is over it. If omited, notice is used.

  • lang: wikipedia language(en for english, fr for french etc.). If missing, french is used.